The List

Green Things that I Already Did Before the 2013 Green Challenge:

  1. Own a hybrid car
  2. Bring lunch to work with my own utensils, bowl, and cloth napkin
  3. Drink organic milk
  4. Buy toilet paper with recycled paper content (link)
  5. Buy paper towels with recycled paper content
  6. Use dish soap that is phosphate free and biodegradable
  7. Shop at thrift stores for many clothes and household things (you can’t even tell the difference) (link)
  8. Sent electronic invites for my wedding
  9. Recycle
  10. Use an aluminum reusable water bottle
  11. Use natural toothpaste (it works!)
  12. Shave my legs in the sink instead of in the shower (link)
  13. Use reusable bags instead of plastic/ paper at the grocery store and mall
  14. Use cloth for wrapping gifts instead of paper
  15. Use a razor with a replaceable razor head instead of using disposable razors (link)
  16. Use hankies instead of Kleenex

Green Changes per the 2013 Green Challenge:

  1. Start a green blog (link)
  2. Buy green hand soap (link)
  3. Do eco-laundry (wash less clothes and use cold water) (link)
  4. Recycle our Christmas tree (link)
  5. Take the stairs (link)
  6. Sign up with my local Freecycle network (link)
  7. Walk to the library (link)
  8. Reduce speeding (link)
  9. Stop buying things that contain palm oil (link)
  10. Use my own containers (for foods, lotion, soap) (link)
  11. Take Navy showers (link)
  12. Eat less meat (link)
  13. Use Goodsearch instead of Google (link)
  14. Reuse cereal bags as wax paper (link)
  15. Cut off the bottom of toothpaste tubes (link)
  16. Stop junk mail (link)
  17. Buy natural, organic body lotion (link)
  18. Unplug router and TV when not in use (link)
  19. Learn about environmental issues (link)
  20. Buy more organic food (link)
  21. Check my tire pressure regularly (link)
  22. Stop using straws (link)
  23. Recycle as much as possible (link)
  24. Participate in community outreach (link)
  25. Always carpool to the lake cottage (link)
  26. Carbon offset things (link)
  27. Buy a wind-up flashlight (link)
  28. Drink soy milk with cereal (link)
  29. Start a worm bin (link)
  30. Donate or reuse magazines (link)
  31. Use green household cleaners (link)
  32. Eat ice cream cones (link)
  33. Use only one glass per day for drinks at home (link)
  34. Stop using plastic bags for produce (link)
  35. Bring my own to-go container (link)
  36. Buy an eco-friendly comforter (link)
  37. Use socks instead of paper towel (link)
  38. Carpool to work (link)
  39. Get another house plant (link)
  40. Stop turning faucets on at full speed (link)
  41. Set fridge to correct temperature and clean condenser coils (link)
  42. Pack less in my carry-on luggage (link)
  43. Reduce my digital footprint (link)
  44. Fix my leaky faucet (link)
  45. Ask for eco-friendly gifts (link)
  46. Plan an eco-friendly funeral (link)
  47. Buy organic hard alcohol (link)
  48. Stop using small garbage bin at work (link)
  49. Eat local foods (link)
  50. Wrap presents with reusable/ recycled materials (link)
  51. Turn off lights in public places when appropriate (link)
  52. Go vegan (link)

Green Changes per the 2017 Green House Challenge:

  1. Get Curtains (link)
  2. Insulate the Fireplace (link)
  3. Save Water in the Toilet Tanks (link)
  4. Solar Panels! (link)
  5. Backyard Composting (link)
  6. Smart Thermostat (link)
  7. Clothes Line (link)
  8. Grow Food (link)
  9. Cover Unused Registers (link)
  10. Home Energy Audit (link)
  11. Insulate the Water Heater (link)
  12. Weatherstripping on Door (link)

Green Changes not part of the Challenges:

  1. Use a power strip with a remote control (link)
  2. Create and maintain the Eco Tray (link)
  3. Save Water from the Shower (link)
  4. Tour a recycling facility (link)
  5. Put a recycling bin in the bathroom (link)
  6. Reduce food waste (link)
  7. Buy pen refills (link)
  8. Wash my hair less often (link and link)
  9. Start a Green Team at Work (link)
  10. Take inventory of my clothes (link)
  11. Set Water Heater to Vacation Setting (link)
  12. Keep a Landfill Log (link)
  13. Install a Rain Barrel (link)
  14. Eco-Conscious Coffee (link)
  15. Dry Razor Blades after Each Use (link)
  16. Implement Community Food Recycling (link)

Other Green Posts:

  1. Intro do the Green Challenge (link)
  2. Milwaukee Brewing Company (link)
  3. Cheetos = Local and Sustainable (link)
  4. Grandma at Goodwill (link)
  5. Product Review – Timberland Earthkeepers Boots (link)
  6. Reflections So Far (link)
  7. Thoughts on Flooding (link)
  8. Happy Earth Day (link)
  9. Sewage Overflows in Spring 2013 (link)
  10. Happy Endangered Species Day (link)
  11. One Aluminum Can (link)
  12. Product Review – Toilet Paper (link)
  13. Typical 50% Green Day (link)
  14. Fast Fashion and the Fate of the Environment (link)
  15. Are Those Baby Worms? (link)
  16. Liebster Award (link)
  17. My Worms are Doing Well (link)
  18. Happy Watch Out for Wildlife Week (link)
  19. Just Zoo It (link)
  20. How Much Did you Pay Al-Qaeda Last Week (link)
  21. Beyond Week 52 (link)
  22. Product Review – Sprout Watch (link)
  23. Worm Bin Round 2 (link)
  24. Cost of a Gallon of Gas (link)
  25. Orangutan Blood and Redwood Tears (link)
  26. New Year’s Resolution – Time to go Green (link)
  27. Worm Bin Update (link)
  28. 15 Signs that You’re a Green Freak (link)
  29. I Hate Cheap Gas (link)
  30. Environmental Justice (link)
  31. Product Review – Now is the Time for Nau (link)
  32. Dear Leo (link)
  33. How to Save the World in One Step (link)
  34. Where are the Dead Bodies? (link)
  35. My First Climate Change Disruption (link)
  36. Am I an Activist? (link)

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