Month 8 – Grow Food

The ultimate of eating local is growing your own food.  This summer, my husband and I planted a raspberry bush and a blackberry bush.  When the plants are mature, we’ll IMG_7003have delicious food that is organic, didn’t require fossil fuels to be transported, and didn’t come wrapped in packaging destined for a landfill.  Also, when I have time, I water the plants using my rain barrel.  Even with that tender care, the raspberry bush might not make it.  Good thing that we have a two year warranty so we can get a replacement if needed.

Besides growing our own healthy food and reducing my carbon footprint, I like spending time outside getting my hands dirty in the garden. In addition to (probably) planting another raspberry bush, maybe next year we will expand our food garden.  But for this year, it was good to start small.  Plus, planting perennials means that our work will hopefully pay off for years to come.


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