Month 4 – This is Big!

Big as in SOLAR PANELS!  It is with great pleasure, that I announce the commissioning of our SOLAR PANELS!  In terms of environmental savings, this is HUGE.  Here’s what happened:

IMG_5516Last fall, I started thinking about solar panels.  Someone I knew (thanks Matthew!) had some installed, and he recommended Arch Electric.  They patiently answered all of my questions, taught me about solar, and gave me numerous quotes as we weighed various budget options.

You’re probably thinking you could never afford solar, however don’t make that assumption without getting real information.  The US federal government (at this time) offers a tax credit to cover 1/3 of the cost.  Plus in some states (like Wisconsin) there are additional rebates.  Also, if you plan to keep your house for the long-term, an investment in solar panels can be comparable to investing in the stock market.  Our roof can fit 23 solar panels, however the upfront cost was too much.  So instead, we got 12 panels.

With 12 panels, it is estimated that we will save 60% of our electricity bill annually for a Solar Panelspay-back period of ~8 years.  And we’re in Wisconsin so that estimate accounts for snow coverage and sun exposure according to our latitude.

Arch Electric took care of everything: panels, permits, installation, interconnection with the utility.  Once everything was set, we got a monitor to track our solar panel electricity in real time.  I can even look at it on my phone!

In the first month, our panels generated 476 kWh and saved 1,438 pounds of CO2!  For comparison, that’s 7 times more CO2 savings than I get from driving a hybrid car.  These solar panels are the biggest thing that I’ve ever done for the environment.  If you want to have a big impact on the environment, help achieve energy independence, and make a smart financial investment, then you should consider solar panels.  Skip the new furniture, bathroom remodel, or next vacation.  Or if you’re investing, choose an investment in solar rather than the stock markets.  How often do stocks bring you happiness while allowing you to take a HUGE step to reduce your environmental impact?



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