Am I an Activist?

Emma WatsonEmma Watson called herself an activist in her One Young World speech (referring to the HeForShe movement).  It made me wonder, am I an activist?  Do I want to be?

The definition of an activist is “a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.”  This leads me to question the word “campaign”.  I am not (right now) a political campaigner, however I do advocate for change within my company and community.  To me, that fits the definition of campaigning for social change.  On the other hand, the synonyms for activist include “militant” and “extremist”, and I don’t identify with either.  However, we have separate words for “activist” and “militant” because they have separate meanings.

I advocate for changes on multiple levels.  I implement changes in my life, my company, and my community.  I encourage environmental conversations and discussions when appropriate.  I am not afraid to stand up for what I think is important.  I am an environmental activist.


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