Eco-Conscious Coffee

IMG_5777Eco-friendly actions can be contagious.  Without any prodding from me, my husband purchased a Keep Cup for his coffees.  He’s had that for years, and more recently, he bought a re-usable coffee filter pod for his Kerig.

At first the Keep Cup lid had a bad seal, but the Company graciously sent us a replacement lid (Thanks Keep Cup!  Why didn’t we ask for a new one earlier?)  Now the Keep Cup is great.  With the Keep Cup, my husband avoids disposable cups at work and when he goes to coffee shops.

So you want the convenience of a single serving of coffee that’s brewed quickly withGreg with coffeealmost no clean-up?  But you don’t want the environmental impact of all those disposable coffee pods made of un-recyclable plastics?  The Brew Rite re-usable filter is the solution!  Buy the filter pod, fill it with a single serving of your favorite coffee grounds, pop it into the slot in your Kerig, and brew as usual.  Once your coffee is ready, rinse the grounds down the drain and let the pod air dry.  Since we purchased this, it’s been working very well and “it’s even easy to clean.”  That is an actual quote from my husband.

So with those two simple things, my husband drinks coffee more sustainably.  Saving the world one coffee at a time.


2 thoughts on “Eco-Conscious Coffee

    • Yes! We got ours from Pick N Save.
      Besides saving plastic, you will also save money since coffee is so much cheaper to buy in bulk rather than in K Cups.

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