Month 3 – Save Water in the Toilet Tanks

With busy weekends in March, I needed a quick project.  I decided to add plastic bottles to the toilet tanks to save water with each flush.  Two of our toilets are newer so they use 1.6 gallons per flush.  The third toilet uses a monstrous unspecified amount of water which I’d estimate at three or four gallons. Using some bottles from the recycling bin, I started the project.

Step 1: I collected the bottles (two 12oz and one 2L) and peeled off the labels.  Step 2:  Added some sand so the bottle wouldn’t float in the tank.  Step 3: Filled the bottle with water.  Step 4:  Emptied the tank by flushing the toilet.  Step 5: As the water re-filled, placed the bottle in the tank using care to avoid the tank mechanism.  In the future, I’d add step 3.5: Remember the normal water level so afterwards you can make sure everything is working correctly.

With those quick and easy steps, I successfully added plastic bottles to my toilets and started saving water with each flush.  Furthermore, I found that two of my toilets have adjustable flush sizes.  Using a screw driver, I adjusted the setting to the smallest flush size.  Added bonus! Since the updates, there have not been any problems with flushing, and we’re saving water with each flush.  This project was free, and  I’d recommend it to everyone.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the process:



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