Month 2 – Insulate the Fireplace

As I peacefully did yoga in the family room one morning, my tranquility was disturbed when I noticed a substantial draft from our fireplace.  How had I not noticed this months ago?  Our fire place was like an open window allowing cold air to continuously flow inside.  You’re probably thinking that I left the flue open like a newbie homeowner, however it doesn’t have a flue (I read the instruction manual three times).  After I finished my warrior poses, I blocked the draft with some old towels and refrigerator magnets.  It looked interesting, but it worked for the short term.img_5505

The next time I was at Menards, I grabbed some foam insulators.  I used those to fill the gap between the wall and the square cover.  Even though we call it a fireplace, it is actually a built-in wood burning stove.  I also purchased some nice black towels and two black magnetic sheets.  I cut the magnets to fit over the fireplace vents and folded the towels neatly.  Note, I will have to remove the towels/magnets while using the fireplace.  With the insulation, nicer towels, and nicer magnets, the drafts are greatly reduced, the fire place looks charming, and I can practice yoga in comfort.

You might not have a fireplace, however chances are that you have something that could be better insulated.  Find it and then insulate it.  You will save money, energy, and be more comfortable.

Here are some more pictures to show the details of this project:

Top: Before picture.  Bottom left: Removed the top piece to assess the situation.  Bottom middle: Shoved foam down the sides.  This took a lot of patience, but worked really well!  Bottom right: Added peel-and-stick insulation to the top piece to completely insulate the perimeter.

Side: Heat vents without and with magnet.  Right: Project complete.


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