Month 1 – Get Curtains

The middle of winter is supposed to be a cold time of year in Wisconsin.  Regardless of this year’s trend, my heater is still running and my windows are still a great way for heat to escape my house.  In order to combat this, I use curtains and blinds.

We already had blinds for some windows, so now I’ve committed to using the blinds not only for privacy, but also as a thermal barrier.  Taking a extra few minutes each night to close them and each morning to open them is a small price to pay for some extra warmth, a lower heating bill, and lower emissions to the environment.

In addition to our blinds, I bought curtains for our family room which has lots of windows.  After sampling numerous varieties, colors, and patterns, my husband and I selected Thermatec curtains which claim to “lower home heating and cooling costs up to 25%” compared to regular twill curtains.  No idea what twill is.  Here are some pictures:

Previously, it was pretty plain; now the curtains add some style.  Note, I got a plastic thing for the heat register so that heat is directed away from the curtains.  Magnetic clips made the register cover easy to install.

I also had a chance to borrow a FlirOne thermal imaging camera.  It was super cool to use!  The light bulb is hotter and the windows (especially the edges) are colder.  Apparently the electrical outlet below the right window doesn’t have enough insulation.  The picture on the right shows curtains pulled partially across the windows as a way to illustrate that the cold air is being trapped between the curtain and the window.  It is not passing to the front of the curtain.

Let me know if you use curtains to save energy.  Good luck!


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