The Green House Challenge

Welcome to 2017!  Do you have New Year’s Resolutions?  Do you have plans for what you’d like to do this year?  I do, too.  One of my resolutions is to do projects to make my house more environmentally sustainable.  A few years ago when I wanted to make green lifestyle changes each week (the Green Challenge), I learned that writing this blog was great motivation so that I never skipped a week.  Similarly, I have decided that this year I will do the Green House Challenge with at least one eco-friendly project per month.  Knowing that the projects will be more time consuming, I’ll give myself a month rather than a week.

My husband and I moved into our first house last summer.  I’m not a home improvement expert.  But, I am passionate about the environment, and I know that I can make a lot of improvements to our house which will save energy, money, water, carbon dioxide, and pollution.

Many of the projects that I have in mind, will be equally applicable for people living in apartments or condos.  So, follow along with me as I create a more sustainable home, learn a few things about home improvement projects, and have fun!


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