How to break your hair’s oil cycle – Part Two

Washing your hair less frequently means you will save time for your self and save resources for the Earth.  Part one of this experiment can be found here.  If you want to break your hair’s oil cycle, here’s what I suggest:

Start by counting how many times per week you shampoo your hair.  Maybe it is every day.  Maybe every other day.  Whatever it is, count it.  Then make a commitment to go one day longer once a week.  If you can’t stand that, try just 8 hours longer as a starting point.

Once you’ve pushed the envelope by one day once a week, try extending it by one day every wash cycle.  Put your hair up, wash your body, and enjoy all of the time that you saved from avoiding washing, combing, and drying your hair.  Slowly, your head will produce less oil, and then the longer wash cycle won’t make your hair oily any more.  This is it, you’ve done it- you’ve broken your hair’s oil cycle!

Depending on your ambition, after you’ve broken the cycle once, you can extend it further and break the cycle again.  Less stress for you, less time/money spent on hair care, less resources drained from the planet.  It’s a win all around.

So when I switched, I noticed improvements within the first 3 weeks, and eventually I  would get to the 3rd day and my hair wouldn’t look oily at all.  But my success was intermittent.  Some weeks my hair wouldn’t look oily at all and other weeks it was noticeable to me.  Even after 8 months I was still having this intermittent problem.  Therefore, after much deliberation, I decided to switch from 2 washes per week back to 3 washes per week.  This green change wasn’t meant for me, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try.  During my trial period, I was so happy to save time (and water) each week when I could skip the hair washing.






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