Where are the dead bodies?

I don’t know where worms go when they die.  No, I’m not wondering if there is a Worm Heaven; I am literally saying that I do not know where the dead worm bodies are. RIP Unfortunately, my most recent batch of worms didn’t make it very long.  After only about a month in the bin, I confirmed that they were gone.  I’m not sure what caused their untimely demise, but I still think it is weird that I never saw the dead worms.  No dried up bodies outside of the bin.  No dead bodies in the bin.  My only theory is that the bodies disintegrate very quickly.

So this is my confession that I killed three batches of worms.  My second batch had the longest reign.  Even though I had some trouble with the conditions for my bin, I still highly recommend having a worm bin.  Over the course of my worm bins, I saved approximately 90 banana peels from the landfill.  It might sound like a small amount, but it all adds up.  Also consider that my worm bin was only about as big as a shoe box.  Soon I’ll be moving to a new house where I plan to revive my worm bin and maybe even expand it.  Hopefully all the worms in Worm Heaven will be happy about that.


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