Start a Green Team at Work

My company has solar panels and does good by the environment, but we can always do more.  A few months ago, I started a Green Team at work.  We have a company website where employees can share posts.  That is how I introduced the Green Team and invited employees to attend the first Green Team meeting.  When I wasn’t the only one at the meeting, I was very happy. That is how our Green Team was born.

IMG_3542 (1)

This is our recycling awareness sign.

If you want to start a Green Team at work, don’t be afraid.  See if others are interested to help with a project or do a small project by yourself.  Then spread the word that the project was “brought to you by the Green Team”.  Seeing successful projects will inspire others to join your forces.
Recycling awareness was the first project that our Green Team undertook.  We created signs to show what could be recycled in each bin and additionally, we posted signs by the garbage cans that said “Landfill”.  This is a small project that anyone can tackle.  Another easy project idea is the Eco Tray.  Once you get some momentum on your team, bigger projects will be achievable too!  But, first someone has to start the Green Team.


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