Dear Leo

Dear Leo,

Like many people, I think you’re an amazingly talented actor, and I love your movies.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that you’re exceedingly attractive.  But more than that, I wanted to thank you for your commitment to the environment.  By divesting from fossil fuels,


campaigning on behalf of the environment, fundraising and donating to the causes that matter most you have become a true champion of the environment.  Winner of dozens of awards, director of environmentally themed documentaries, multimillionaire, board member of the World Wildlife Fund- is there anything you can’t do?

Although I don’t have the money to participate in the environmental movement on the same scale as you have, I have made significant changes in my life in order to reduce my footprint.  I’d love to learn what eco-friendly things you do in your personal life that others could learn from and emulate.

I don’t know you personally of course, but nonetheless, I would like to wish you the best in your career and life.  I hope you have true happiness and the lasting satisfaction that you have made a difference in this world in more ways than one.

Thank you from your dedicated fan,

P.S. I’m curious, do you compose your own tweets and Facebook updates?


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