Now is the Time for Nau

Reducing the amount of things we purchase is the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle, however occasionally there is something that you need to buy.  In those cases, I try to purchase with the Earth in mind.  This is a product review of my Nau brand winter coat.
Last winter I needed to buy a new coat, so I researched eco-friendly options.  I was a little weary of buying a coat online, however it worked out well.  I purchased a Nau winter coat

Nau coat

This is not me.  Also, my coat is charcoal in color.

with an outer shell made from 100% recycled polyester.  The filling is goose down which isn’t eco-ideal, but it is very warm.  This was the most eco-friendly option within my price range.

After wearing the coat for two seasons, I have been very satisfied.  Stylish and lightweight, the coat is also warm enough for Wisconsin winters.  It has pockets with convenient zippers, and a hood for the coldest days.  Many times I get compliments about the coat, and I smile knowing that the coat looks good, functions well, and shows the clothing industry that I value products made with sustainability in mind.


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