15 Signs that You’re a Green Freak

If you exhibit one or more of these signs, then you’re in luck, you are a Green Freak:

  1. You don’t buy Girl Scout cookies because they have too much packaging.
  2. You have a worm bin for composting.Green Hero
  3. You take Navy showers.
  4. You have solar panels at your house.
  5. You walk, bike, or carpool to work no matter what.
  6. You have a composting toilet.
  7. You cut off the bottom of the toothpaste tube to squeeze out the last bit.
  8. You unplugged your refrigerator.
  9. You buy most of your food in bulk with your own containers.
  10. You live in a Tiny House.
  11. You started your own Green Team at work.
  12. You recycle EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING.
  13. You buy the majority of your things second-hand.
  14. You eat the core of your apples to reduce landfill methane.
  15. You weigh the environmental impact of every decision (big or small) in your life and act accordingly.

Disclaimer: In the context of this blog, being considered a Green Freak is a high honor.  If you have signs of being a Green Freak, but you don’t appreciate the name, then please replace “Green Freak” with “Eco Warrior”, “Sustainability Soldier” “Green King/Queen”, “Sustainability Master”, “Environmental Expert”, “Earth Savior”, “Green Hero”, “Enviro VIP”, or any similar phrase that is more to your liking.

Also, for the record, I don’t have a composting toilet (yet), and I only fulfill 8 of those 15 criteria (so far).  Do you have other ideas for the Green Freak criteria?  I’d love to hear them!


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