Worm Bin Update


These are not my hands or my worms.

After 18 months of continuous composting in my worm bin, I thought I was really an expert.  My worms are on a regular diet of 1 chopped banana peel a week (my bin is very small so I don’t want to overload it).  Also, I mist the bin two or three times a week to keep it moist.  Worms need moisture to breath.  Within a week, the banana peel is gone or almost gone.  Composting success!

However, last week, as I was inspecting my worm bin, I realized that there was only one worm left.  Oh no!  The last time that my worms died, I determined that they got dried out.  But that wasn’t the issue this time.  Maybe the worms just got too old?  I’m not sure.  I guess I’m not the expert that I thought I was.  But not to worry, I went to the bait shop and bought two containers of worms.

This bunch of worms makes the third group to inhabit my worm bin.  For somewhat mysterious reasons, both the second and third clans have experienced escaped worms.  So, if you have a worm bin, don’t be too alarmed when your new worms try to stage an escape.  With the most recent escape attempt, about 48 hours after adding the worms, I found 8 escaped worms (of approximately 40 worms that I added to the bin). They get dried up once they leave the bin, so they don’t make it very far.  I feel sad to lose these worms, but I don’t know what causes it.  I read somewhere that the worms are just restless in the new environment.  Now that the remaining worms have settled in, they look to be happy and healthy.


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