Fill your Pens, not the Landfill


This is the refillable pen that I use.

How many times have you used a pen in your life?  I probably use a pen every single day, but I never thought about the environmental impact.  I just never thought about it.  In our throw-away culture, I am used to throwing things like empty pens away.  Too bad there is no ‘away’.  Our garbage just goes to a landfill and piles up into a disgusting, hazardous mess.

In order to reduce my input to these landfills, I have now started to refill my empty pens both at home and work.  Buying pen refills means that I am avoiding the environmental impacts of throwing away the body of the pen and the manufacturing impacts of producing a new pen.  Although I’ve never seen pen refills in stores, I have been able to buy them on Staples and Amazon.  It’s a small action, but every small thing adds up.



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