Reduce Food Waste

Food WasteUnfortunately, throwing away food is common.  Food that spoiled in the fridge.  Coffee grounds.  Food on your plate that you thought you’d eat.  Moldy bread.  Leftovers.  Food that is past the expiration date.  Fruit that is not pretty enough to make it to the grocery store shelves.  The other half of the heavy whipping cream since the smallest container at the store was double what was needed.

In the United States, the statistics are staggering.  30 – 40% of the food supply is wasted, and organic waste is the second largest component of landfills.  That’s crazy!
asparagusWhat can be done about this?  Here’s one small idea: when you are shopping in the produce section, if there is an item that is bundled together, consider un-bundling it if you are not going celeryto eat the entire thing.  For example, my husband and I never eat the whole bunch of asparagus.  After wasting a lot of asparagus, we started to split the bunch into two parts.  We unwrap the rubber bands and create two bunches each with one rubber band.  This can only be done if the item is sold by the pound.  Another culprit for us is celery.  Now when we need celery, we peel off the number of stalks that we will consume.

Of course there are a lot of other ways to reduce food waste, but this is one simple action that anyone can do.


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