Worm Bin- Round 2

“Round 2?” you might ask.  Yes.  Although my worm bin was going really well, eventually I must have neglected it because the worms all died.  My theory is that I did not give them enough water.  I felt really bad about killing my worms, but I missed the opportunity to compost. Therefore, after the appropriate mourning period, I went back to the bait shop to pick up new red wigglers.

confused wormThus began Round 2 of my Worm Bin.  I used the same bin.  I added 3 containers of red wigglers (same amount as last time).  I gave them food scraps similar to the ones I successfully fed my other worms.  I watered the bin with a spray bottle to avoid a repeat of the previously fatal mistake.  I put the bin in its secondary home under the bathroom sink since the kitchen sink was under maintenance.  Everything was set as usual.  Then the horror began!

Later that night, I went into the bathroom and gasped.  There was a worm in the middle of the rug.  It was dried up and dead.  I gasped again as I realized that he was not alone.  As I looked around our small bathroom, I found about 8 other worms.  All dead except 1 struggling survivor whom I quickly returned to the bin.  After scouring the bathroom I debated if I should mention this creepy crawly incident to Greg.  That’s when I found 2 more little worms outside of the bathroom in the carpeting!  Those poor little things!worm

Now a week after bringing the worms home, I’ve had a few more escapees- never as many as that first night.  Based on brief research, I  think I must have had too many worms in the bin or just a particularly wanderlust batch of worms.  Thankfully the escapes have ceased so I believe my bin is chemically healthy.  Time to compost!


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