Sprout Watch Review

ImageA few years ago, I wanted a watch, and I wanted it to be eco-friendly.  I ordered a Sprout watch made of biodegradable corn resin.  It had a beautiful face with an image of a tree, and I LOVED it.  Unfortunately, after a short time, the band broke.  When I had the broken link removed, that very same day the band broke in another spot.  Multiple watch shops said they could not replace the band due to the design of the watch.  Sprout offered to send me replacement links (that was very considerate), however I didn’t think that would be worth it.

Instead of writing off Sprout, I decided to give them another try.  This time I ordered a watch with a biodegradableImage corn resin case, organic cotton strap, and a bamboo dial.  It’s not as pretty as the first one, however it still looks stylish and I think the strap will be much more reliable.  They had an option with a green cotton strap and the tree face, however I didn’t think the green strap would look as professional as the white strap.

Overall, I greatly appreciate that Sprout is bringing options to those desiring an environmentally friendly watch.  Another benefit of both watches was the minimal packaging made with 80% post-consumer recycled fibers.  Sprout had many fashionable options, and every day when I put on my watch, I am happy to know that I am also making a statement about my dedication to sustainability.


One thought on “Sprout Watch Review

  1. i too bought the watch with the tree face but in black and i LOVE it, i think it’s the prettiest watch i own. My band broke as well. Sprout offered to send me a new one so i did that but that broke as well. I had a silicone band put on but that broke as well because it wasn’t meant for that watch. I don’t know what to do with this watch now because the side that holds the metal band rod has broken too. I really miss wearing this watch.

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