A no-brainer green change

Based on an awesome suggestion (thanks Paul!), I added the Belkin Conserve Switch power strip to my Christmas list, and I am so

Imagehappy that my Uncle Dave got it for me.  This power strip comes with a remote control which makes it super easy to flip off the power before you leave the house or when you

Imageare going to bed.  I use mine for the internet router and modem.  Those little things use a surprising amount of energy and they are ALWAYS ON.  What’s the point of leaving the internet on while you’re at work all day?

Everyone should consider trying this product or a similar one.  Ours came with a wall mount for the remote so it is just like a light switch but for our internet.  We put it right by the front door so when we leave we turn off the lights and the internet.  It’s so easy that even Greg does it!


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