Beyond Week 52

Wow! I really did it.  I completed the Green Challenge successfully by making 52 green changes in 52 weeks.  Now that I’m done, I’ve taken some time to reflect and also some time to look forward.  The Green Challenge was a very good experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed making the changes throughout the year. Writing this blog during the Green Challenge motivated me to actually make changes in my life.  The Challenge also forced me to try new things which I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.  I’m very glad that my friends inspired me to create the blog and initiate my personal Green Challenge.

As much as I enjoyed the Green Challenge, I am not going to sign up for a 2nd round.  It was difficult enough to think of 52 distinct green changes!  This doesn’t mean that I’m going to start burning Styrofoam and throwing six-pack rings into ocean pools filled with small turtles.  Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is an irreversible part of my character (now more than ever), so I will continue with a majority of the changes I made in the past year.  And I’m always looking for new ways to live more sustainably.

Thanks for reading my posts throughout the Green Challenge!  I’m still going to keep this blog and use it for green-themed posts, however the posts will be less frequent.  The Green Challenge was just the start of my journey to sustainability and I’m excited to start the next chapter.  For any curious readers, here is a re-cap of my 52 green changes:

Keepers (37):going green footprint
Start a green blog
Buy green hand soap
Do eco-laundry
Take the stairs
Sign up with Freecycle
Reduce speeding
Stop buying things that contain palm oil
Use my own containers
Take Navy showers
Eat less meat
Reuse cereal bags as wax paper
Cut off the bottom of toothpaste tubes
Stop junk mail
Buy organic body lotion
Unplug router and TV when not in use
Buy more organic food
Ask for no straw
Post recycleable items in my kitchen
Wind-up flashlight
Drink soy milk with cereal
Worm bin
Reuse/ recycle magazines
Get ice cream in cones
Only use 1 glass per day
No more plastic fruit bags
Bring my own to-go container
The organic cotton duvet
Use socks instead of paper towels
Take less on airplanes
Delete spam and old e-mails
Ask for gifts from thrift stores
Eco-friendly funeral
Buy organic hard liquor
Stop using small wastebasket at work
Eating locally
Eco-wrap presents
Turn off lights in conference rooms and laundry rooms

Maybe (10):
Recycle our Christmas tree
Walk to the library
Learn about environmental issues
Check tire pressure regularly
Always carpool to Pretty Lake
Use Green cleaning supplies
Carpool at least once a week to work
Get more houseplants
Turn on faucet less than full speed
Fix my leaky faucet

Not keepers (5):
Use Goodsearch instead of Google
Volunteer with a green organization
Carbon offset things
Put a thermometer in my fridge


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