Week 46 – Plan an eco-friendly funeral

I’m not planning on dying any time soon, and I hope no one I know is either.  However, Thistles did this as one of her green changes, and I like the idea.  Each year US cemeteries bury over 30 million feet of hardwood, 107,000 tons of steel/copper, and 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete.  Is all of that really necessary for us to respect and remember our loved ones?  After some research, these are my preferences for an eco-friendly afterlife:

  1. Full body donation to a medical research/ education institute so I can help save others sunsetthrough medical advancements.  This has got to be the ultimate way to REUSE.
  2. Avoidance of embalming chemicals
  3. Biodegradable coffin or shroud (nothing fancy/ expensive)
  4. No concrete burial vault
  5. Green cemetery without pesticides, trimming, fertilizers
  6. No cut flowers (unless they are from someone’s own garden)
  7. Plant a native tree at the burial site (if it dies it is not a sign, just plant another one)
  8. No headstone
  9. Not buried with any valuables (keep my jewelry in the family or sell it)
  10. Funeral memorial sheet (if necessary) printed on recycled paper

2 thoughts on “Week 46 – Plan an eco-friendly funeral

  1. So, I’m a little bit confused. If you have a full body donation do you still get buried? And as one of the living, I’m opposed to the no headstone request. What is wrong with man making a rock? If there is something wrong with that, can we at least take a rock that already exists, cut it in a nice fashion, and carve something into it? It’s basically the same thing the weather does anyways. Now that I think about it…I’m also a little opposed to your second request as well. However, in request number seven, I DO appreciate your comment about the tree 😉

  2. With full body donation, the end result is usually cremation from what I understand. However, not everyone is eligible for full body donation which is why I also have some backup plans. Fine, I guess I can be flexible with the headstone request. Maybe a natural rock with a small engraving. And since when have you been a big proponent of embalming fluid? If is is necessary for the body donation, then I’m cool with it. Otherwise, I’d at least like a preservative that is formaldehyde free.

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