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Some people may argue against zoos because of the cages and the fact that the animals are not “wild”.  I on the other hand LOVE zoos.  I think they are a great way to learn about animals, nature, and conservation.  Zoo animals are like ambassadors for their species.  They teach us by engaging our curiosity and entertaining us.  Zoos are a great way for people to feel a connection with animals (especially exotic animals that they might not see otherwise).  So here’s a few zoo facts to demonstrate how zoos are actually GOOD:

  • Behind the scenes zoo tour!

    Behind the scenes zoo tour!

    Zoos spend a lot of money and time supporting conservation in the wild.  AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited zoos/ aquariums have funded nearly 4,000 conservation projects in more than 100 countries.  They spend $160 million annually on conservation initiatives.

  • Many zoos participate in the species survival plan which protects genetic diversity of species and therefore improves survival of endangered species.
  • When the general public visits a zoo, they gain an appreciation for for wildlife.  Having this appreciation and understanding is the first step towards protection and conservation.
  • Most zoo animals are born in captivity.  Also, injured/ orphaned animals are taken into zoos so they can survive.
  • Zoos have educational programs to teach the public about endangered animals, conservation, and other environmental issues like deforestation.

3 thoughts on “Just zoo it

  1. I would never love animals if it weren’t for zoos. I am especially glad the exotic animals like elephants,gorillas and peafowl are in zoos because they are so majestic that without seeing them in person I don’t think anyone would understand the importance of protecting them. Like you, I could go on forever about all the positive lessons and experiences one has to gain from the zoo. I want to go to a zoo…NOW!

    • I want to go to a zoo NOW too! I guess the ZooCam will have to do though. Let’s go on Thanksgiving! I have an animal fact for you guys that is so nerdy I can’t even put it on social media.

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