Week 40 – Stop turning faucets on at full speed

ImageWhen I wash dishes I am already very conscious of how much water I use.  I do not leave the water running while I switch between dishes or while I scrub a particular dish.  But, now I’ve decided that I can do even more to conserve water.  I will avoid turning faucets on at full speed, whether it is for washing my hands, my face, or my dishes.  This morning I did a little experiment to see how much water I will save.  In just 2 seconds at full speed, my kitchen faucet puts out 1 cup of water.  That’s 30 cups per minute literally down the drain.  At a low speed it puts out only 1/4 cup of water in the same amount of time.  Using a rough estimate for how many dishes I do per week and how long it takes to wash those dishes, I calculated that I will save 4 gallons of water per week.  Considering Greg’s water guzzling history, I probably won’t be able to convince him to use less water, so instead, I will also start to wash more of the dishes in our apartment.

Some people might say that we don’t need to save water because the world is 75% water.  But actually, there is a lot of energy used to pump water, treat water, distribute water, heat water, and then treat wastewater.  In fact, all this water processing accounts for 4% of our nations electricity usage as of 2012.  Of course the more electricity/ energy used, the more pollution we put into our atmosphere and the hotter our planet becomes.  Keeping those facts in mind, I’ll have a smile on as I trickle water over my soapy dishes.


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