Week 39 – Get another house plant

One of our friends moved out of the state and couldn’t take his large maize plant.  Luckily for

Here's the new tree!

Here’s the new tree!

the plant (and me), it found another happy home in our apartment.  This plant is probably 8 feet tall and watching Greg carry it up to our apartment was hilarious.  He was leaning backwards trying to keep the top of the tree from hitting the ceiling, so it looked like he was trying to do the limbo like in Mario Party.

to go container in action

To go container in action

Keeping house plants is always a good idea because they purify the air which can get quite polluted indoors.  Plus, they consume carbon dioxide.  I couldn’t find any information on the web about how much C02 house plants absorb, but logic tells me that 2 house plants consume more C02 than 1 house plant.

Also, on another note, I got to use my to-go container last week.  I was so happy to use it.


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