Week 38 – Carpool to work

ImageConsidering that transportation accounts for 31% of carbon emissions in the United States, carpooling is one of the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Also, using less gas means we are less dependent on foreign fuel.  Not to mention that if you carpool you’ll save tons of money.

With that in mind, after a year-long hiatus from carpooling, I’m excited to finally getting back on track!  I used to have a really good carpooling routine for work, but then I changed job locations/ hours and lost my carpooling buddy.  Now I have normal job hours, so I started searching for new carpooling buddies.  Yesterday was my re-introduction to carpooling, and I loved it!  It was great to know that in just 1 day I saved at least 14 pounds of carbon dioxide from polluting our air.  From now on, I’ll carpool at least once a week to work.


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