My worms are doing well!


Check out all that dirt in there!

Quick update on the worm bin situation:  After the mishap with the mites, I didn’t feed my worms for 2 weeks.  Since then, they’ve been on a strict diet.  I feed them only once a week now a days, and this seems to be working well.  I don’t see the mites anymore and the worms are still looking healthy.  Plus, they’re doing some serious work on the food scraps/ newspaper shreds.  There’s a lot more dirt (or as Missy would say “soil”) in my worm bin than when I first started.  If someone wanted to go green and save the world, I would highly recommend starting a worm bin.


4 thoughts on “My worms are doing well!

  1. I love my worm bin. I am using a storage tote and I have it outside. I mixed in some potting soil just to help them out but with all the scraps I had put in my bin is almost full. So now I am screening some of it out to leave the bigger chunks to be processed and I can use the finer stuff for plants!

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