Week 36 – Buy an eco-friendly comforter

Now that I have spent 249 days thinking about how I can be more green, I decided to go green even in my sleep.  I do not want to spend a third of my life being un-sustainable.  Therefore, this week I got an eco-friendly comforter.  ComforterIt’s made with recycled polyester (from old plastic bottles) stuffed inside a cover made of organic cotton.  And just for good measure, it was made in the USA.  LOVE IT!

It fits in well with my organic cotton duvet cover, my pillows made from recycled plastic, and my sheets/ blankets which are second hand (almost never used by my Aunt).  Also, I got a good laugh while I tried to put the comforter inside the duvet cover.  If you’ve never had a duvet cover, you might not know that it is essentially a giant pillow case made for your comforter.  I must have looked ridiculous while I crawled into the duvet cover pulling the comforter in with me.  Hahaha.  I’m still laughing about it.  Maybe there’s a more sophisticated way to get the comforter inside the duvet cover, but I haven’t learned it yet.


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