Week 35 – Bring my own to-go container

Well, I guess I can’t complete the Green Challenge without doing some kind of weird things.  That worm bin is pretty weird, but it’s just under my sink so no one really sees it.  Going places and asking for drinks without a straw is sort of weird, but maybe people just think I don’t want to get wrinkles from using a straw.

Now I’ll start to take my own to-go container into restaurants- that is obviously an eco-friendly statement.  No hiding that one under my sink.  And good!  Sure I can make all of these changes and reduce my carbon footprint, but it’s even better if I can make someone think twice about their impact on the environment.

ImageIn order to be slightly less weird, I decided to buy a reusable to-go container that looks like the typical Styrofoam ones from restaurants.  Styrene (the main ingredient in Styrofoam) is listed as a possible carcinogen according to the EPA.  Also, production of Styrofoam creates lots of polluting by-products that can get into our air and water.  I’m glad that I’ll still be able to take leftovers home while avoiding nasty, disposable containers filled with chemicals.


6 thoughts on “Week 35 – Bring my own to-go container

  1. Maybe the most eco-friendly thing would be to avoid restaurants as how do you know what they put in your food? Are the eggs ecological or come from chickens that spend their short lives in pain and struggle? Is the fish from sustainable sources? I doubt it, as restaurants will try to put cheap stuff to make more money.You will not get real honey in your desserts, but that kind of cheap honey that is actually 50% added sugar.I could say more, but since I started to cook at home I found I could eat cheaper and fancier food than in restaurants. I could eat fresh mussels bought from the fish shop ( where I could ask where it comes from) at half price from what I would get from the restaurant or eggs from a local producer ( and actually be able to visit their farm). I hope I’m not negative here, but eating at home is the best! you know what ingredients you actually get in your body.

    • Very true points! I know eating at most restaurants means that I am not eating organic/ local/ sustainable food. I try to keep a balance so that I don’t eat out frequently, but I agree with you that the most eco-friendly thing would be to avoid restaurants all together.

  2. finally! i have been waiting for you to do this for forever! it seemed like such an obvious change for you to make but i know you didnt want to look like a “total freak” haha…im glad you finally went for it. good for you!

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