Week 34 – Stop using bags for produce

ImageWhat is the purpose of the plastic bags for fruit at the grocery stores?  One might say that they make it easier to carry fruits.  WEAK excuse. From now on, I will take an extra minute to put each fruit in the cart and then in my  grocery bag (reusable of course) and then in my fridge.  I also have a few netted bags (from tangerines) that I will be using since the bag does help to group fruits if I’m buying more than one type.  Also, when I buy lettuce I will put it in my re-used cereal bags!  I tried this once and it worked perfectly.Image

Plastic bags are harmful to the environment because of the oil used to produce them, and the litter they cause on land and in the water.  When plastic bags get old, they don’t biodegrade.  Instead they photodegrade which means they break into smaller and smaller pieces which may contaminate soil/ water.  ImageSome sources estimate that 100,000 marine animals die each year when they mistakenly eat plastic (source).  These plastics are one of the causes for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is a gigantic expanse of the Pacific Ocean that is covered in garbage.  This week’s green change will help to minimize my involvement with this disgusting litter epidemic.


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