Week 33 – Use only one glass per day for drinks at home

Glass of WaterIt only took 33 weeks for me to find out how to use the text formatting to allow colors and underlining and such!  I had no idea these features were are available!

Now that I can convey so much more meaning with my words, I’ll let you know about my next Green Change:  This week, I will start to reduce the amount of glassware that I use in my house.  Instead of using a new glass for each beverage, I’ll use the same glass for all of my daily drinks.

Even if I do use eco-friendly Seventh Generation dish soap- it still needs energy during production, plastic for packaging, and gas during transportation.  This Green Change will reduce the amount of soap that I use to wash dishes which means I’ll buy less soap.  And it means that we will do fewer dishes.

As part of my Week 19 change to learn more about environmental issues, I researched the Keystone Pipeline.  I learned that there are 2 main issues with the pipeline:

  • The risk of oil spills along the pipeline, which would cross the Ogallala Aquifer.  The Ogallala Aquifer provides drinking water to 2 million people and supports $20 billion in agriculture.  Add picture of the pipeline route and the Ogalla map
  • 12–17% higher greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction of oil sands compared to conventional oil.keystone-pipeline-map

I got this info from Wikipedia and I’m not afraid to admit it.  Of course there’s another side to the story.  Supporters of the pipeline say it is the safest and most technologically advanced pipeline in the world and that it will reduce dependence on foreign oil.  Now that I’ve done some research, my stance is that I am against the pipeline because it is a step in the wrong direction.  I would rather see investments in renewable energy.


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