Week 32 – Eat ice cream cones

Ice cream coneIn college my roommate and I made a game of deciding if certain words were one word or two.  Needless to say, we were both engineers.  Now for the topic of this week’s green change: ice cream or icecream.  Is that one or two words?  I know Kellie, my English teacher sister, is hitting her forehead right now.  Dictionary.com has both ice cream and icecream!  Come on Dictionary.com, I need a clear answer!  Goodsearch images say it is 2 words plus this blog is underlining icecream for spell check so I’ll go with ice cream.

Eating ice cream in cones instead of throw-away dishes will reduce the amount of waste that I produce.  Therefore, I will start eating ice cream in cones.  I could not find any statistics on how many ice cream dishes are thrown away annually.  But, let’s estimate that everyone (one word or two?) in the US eats ice cream in a disposable dish once a year.  That’s more than 300 million dishes and 300 million plastic spoons!  Where do they all go?  Most likely they are thrown into a landfill where they will sit for years.

As I start eating more ice cream cones, my Mom is continuing her Green Challenge by giving up plastic bags.


6 thoughts on “Week 32 – Eat ice cream cones

  1. Also, bread bowls for soup or squash such as pumpkins make excellent alternatives for bowls when eating stews, in medieval times it was common to eat food off of hard flat breads rather than actual dishes (though that would probably be impractical) there are plenty of recipes out there for pumpkin soup baked/served in the pumpkin, maybe a holiday green challenge idea?

  2. This is such a great idea! If only cones had a better design so my hand wouldn’t get sticky. I also wonder if my go-to ice cream place will fill up my own dish instead of a plastic one. It’s worth a try!

    • Some icecream places might not fill up your own because they don’t know if it’s clean or whatever. But, it is worth a try! Let me know what you find out.

  3. I contacted the manager of our dining service and she/he totally approved of bringing our own dishes! She even offered to provide some of housing’s dishes so the workers can wash them for us.

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