Week 31 – Use green household cleaners

Initially when I noticed we were running low on the all purpose cleaning spray from Green Works, I just added it to the shopping list.  But then I thought about those forgotten cleaning products stashed under the sink next to my worm bin.

Good bye Green Works (it was nice working with you). Hello Shaklee.

Good bye Green Works (it was nice working with you). Hello Shaklee.

As a wedding gift, Greg and I got a whole set of Shaklee organic cleaning supplies (thanks Aunt Dawn).  What a great idea considering we had a Green theme to our wedding.  I started using the Shaklee disposable wipes right away, but I shied away from the rest of the products because you had to mix them yourself.  Plus I already had a bunch of cleaning stuff.

So in the spirit of the Green Challenge, I dug them out and read the instructions.  To make the all purpose cleaner all I had to do was mix some of the concentrated solution with water.  EASY.  They even gave me a nicely labeled spray bottle.  Also, as far as I can tell, the cleaner works well.

Traditional household cleaning supplies have a lot of nasty ingredients.  Some of these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin or ingested from residues on dishes or counter tops.  It reminds me of the Mr. Yuck

Mr Yuck

Mr Yuck

stickers that my Mom used to use.  Also, cleaners with phosphorus or nitrogen can mess with water quality and aquatic ecosystems.  From now on I’ll use/ buy/ make cleaning products made without harsh chemicals.  In the case of the Shaklee products, it’s even better that they are organic because this means I am stimulating the economy for organic products.


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