Week 30 – Donate or reuse magazines


Lisa’s salon

Greg and I subscribe to a few magazines (Milwaukee magazine and the Green Manufacturer)- okay it is just me that subscribes to the Green Manufacturer- Greg has never read that one.  Although the greenest choice would be to stop our subscriptions or read them online, I like getting the physical magazine.  Therefore, to make this aspect of my life a bit more green, I will start to donate or reuse the old magazines instead of recycling them.  I started this week by taking the past 3 editions of the Milwaukee magazine to my cousin Lisa’s hair salon (Salon Duo & Co).

According to one source, more than 2.2 million tons of paper is used in the US for magazine production every year.  Also, most magazines are made of virgin fiber which results in more than 35 million trees being cut down each year.  The problem is exacerbated by the overproduction of publications that are never even read- like the annual 2.9 billion magazines left on newsstands.

For the record, Green Manufacturer is printed with 30% post-consumer recycled fibers and uses soy ink.  In addition to reusing my magazines, I wrote to the Milwaukee Magazine and asked them to start using recycled paper.


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