Week 28 – Drink soy milk with cereal

After a few weeks of less-intense Green Changes, it’s time for me to make another change that will impact my life on a daily basis.  Instead of regular milk, I will start to drink soy milk with my cereal- which I eat pretty much every day.

Drinking soy milk is good for the environment due to the negative impacts of raising cows. soy milk Like I mentioned in my post about eating less meat, cows take a lot of energy to raise.  They have to eat and be sheltered plus farms take up space and may pollute.  Of course soy bean production also has environmental impacts, and adding calcium and vitamins to soy milk takes energy.  But still, eating lower on the food chain (eating a plant product instead of an animal product) is good for the environment.  This article found that  soy protein is about  13 times more energy-efficient than organic dairy protein.

Soy milk definitely tastes different than regular milk, but it doesn’t taste bad.  Even though it doesn’t taste bad, I’m going to continue to drink dairy milk with my other meals.  I’ll buy organic dairy milk and organic soy milk.


4 thoughts on “Week 28 – Drink soy milk with cereal

  1. Nom Nom Nom. Soy milk is definitely not bad! Another HUGE benefit of it is that, prior to being opened, it does not need to be refrigerated. And some people argue that there is not enough vitamin D, but you can buy “enhanced” soy milk to overcome that. Michelle, you should try vanilla flavored. It tastes like a breakfast milk-shake!

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