Week 26 – Carbon offset things

Brady, Me, Greg

Brady, Me, Greg

Due to my 15 day Wild Wild West Road Trip, I am slightly behind in my Green Challenge.  The AWESOME road trip that I went on with Greg and Brady is a good opportunity for me to use carbon offsetting as a means to go Green.  For a person like me, carbon offsetting means that I will pay a company to run projects that offset carbon.  I didn’t want to do much research into an appropriate company, therefore I chose the same company as Thistle.

The company, TerraPass, invests into projects that capture methane from old coal power plants, capture gases from landfills, and work to make farms more green.  I used their website to estimate the carbon produced from our trip’s mileage (3,210 pounds of CO2); then I added a few pounds to cover the fact that recycling was very difficult on our vacation.  In total, I paid $24 to offset 4,000 pounds of carbon.

For the rest of my Green Challenge, I will continue to offset large carbon impacts that I make (other large trips, flights, parties).  Maybe I will even retrospectively offset the environmental impact of my wedding.  That might make a nice anniversary gift to myself.


2 thoughts on “Week 26 – Carbon offset things

    • Thanks for sharing this article. I like the part that says, “global economy does not recognise that the production and consumption of all goods and services depends entirely on the ongoing functionality of these ecosystems, and, as a result, fails to value it correctly”.

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