Typical 50% Green Day

It is about halfway through the year, so I’ve been doing some thinking about the changes in my life within the first 50% of the Green Challenge.  Overall I enjoy doing the Green Challenge, and I am very happy knowing that I am doing my best for the environment.  Here’s a look into my typical day:

Wake up.  Get dressed in clothes from the thrift shop (yes, I actually found clothes at Goodwill that I can wear to work).  Eat a bowl of cereal and save the plastic bag when I finish a box.  When I’m getting ready I use my NatureMade toothpaste and notice the off-white toilet paper in the bathroom.  As I leave for work I take the stairs down to my hybrid car.

Cruise to work (only speeding 5 mph).  Use Goodsearch when I look something up.  Eat lunch with my own utensils from a reusable bag.  Leave work and wish I hadn’t left at rush hour.

Come home and check the mail.  Get frustrated by a few pieces of junk mail that are STILL Donkeycoming even after I cancelled them.  Change out of my work clothes and sometimes put them back into my closet.  Make (a meat-less) dinner using organic foods that I bought in reusable bags when I walked to Whole Foods (and which Greg carried home while making donkey noises.)

Maybe I plug in the router to surf the web and read blogs.  Maybe I go out to grab a drink with friends where I forget to say “No” to a straw (this has been the most difficult change!  I can’t seem to remember to say “No straw” while I’m ordering.)  Maybe I take a Navy shower after doing P90X abs.

Before bed I unplug the router (and that other mystery box that goes with it).  Use organic lotion.  Read my Book Club book that I got by walking to the library.  Go to sleep thinking about my next Green change.


8 thoughts on “Typical 50% Green Day

  1. Just switched to rechargable double AA batteries for pretty much anything in the house that uses them (smoke detectors, gameboy etc), and got some secondhand hand crank flashlights (cuz I’m really bad at remembering to change batteries). I’m also looking at hooking the battery charger to one of these guys for solar recharging, and also keeping my phone charged during extended camping/hiking/biking trips:


    The company was started by a former mke middle school teacher.

      • Happy half way. My changes have not been quite as successful as yours, but significant for me. Navy showers and cutting open the toothpaste tubes is s.o.p (standard operating procedure), and using hankies is the norm for me. Also, I have started paying attention to where my food comes from and sometimes I turn off the computer at night. You are doing a great thing for all of us. Thanks. XOXO

      • It’s totally true what you said with Navy showers becoming standard practice. For me, taking a normal shower now seems like brushing my teeth with the water running. I wouldn’t even think of doing it!

  2. I believe if you also choose to shower rather than bath you are more green! also my grandma used to put empty buckets outside her house and when it rained she got free water. she did not use it to drink but rather to wash clothes or wash her body and hair. I did wash my hair with it and it did more to my hair than most expensive shampoos, conditioners and masks put together. I think it’s because the rain water is so much healthier than the tap water with all that chlorine in it!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I agree that showering is much greener than taking a bath. That’s an interesting idea to wash your hair with rain water. Unfortunately live in an apartment without a balcony so I don’t have any easy way to collect rain water. Glad I’m not the only person trying to conserve water though!

  4. Dear those above me, I still think you’re crazy for taking non-standard showers. I adore standing under rushing hot water for twenty minutes at a time and then adding mysterious chemicals to my bath for a bubbling effect. It is impressive that you gave up such a luxury. Another maniacal change you could make would be to shower with a bucket in order to catch excess water.

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