Week 24 – Participate in community outreach

For 24 weeks I’ve been very involved in my own personal war against climate change.  But,

Let's work together to protect our only Home

Let’s work together to protect our only Home

now it is time to take my green attitude further into the community.  I will do this by participating in community groups that share my value for the environment.

When I visited the Urban Ecology Center on Earth Day, I picked up a flyer for a group called 350.org.  The group is established in 136 cities around the globe, and they fight climate change using mass public actions like divestment from fossil fuel companies.  There is a 350 branch in Milwaukee, and I went to their monthly meeting last night.  It’s great to know that I am not the only person in Milwaukee who cares about the Earth.

There’s other groups in Milwaukee that share similar values about protecting the environment so I’m going to investigate and pick the group(s) that best suit me.  This week is just the beginning of my community outreach, and I’m excited to get deeper in the coming weeks/ months.


2 thoughts on “Week 24 – Participate in community outreach

  1. We’ve organized a 350 Seattle with work groups focused on direct action, education, city policy, divestment, and sustainable solutions, “The New Cool!” This is what the internet does best, allowing ordinary citizens around the world to amplify our voices and coordinate our actions to make real change.
    Join or start a local 350 and really feel how much we can accomplish together. 350 is you!

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