Week 23 – Recycle as much as possible

Although I am already an avid recycler, in the spirit of continuous improvement, I decided to learn more about recycling in Milwaukee to make sure that I’m taking advantage of all possible options.  I pompously thought my investigation would show that I do indeed recycle to the fullest extend.  Wow, was I wrong!  I learned that I can recycle used aerosol cans in my curbside recycling bin.  Plus, the self-help recycling centers around here accept used cooking oil and shoes/ sandals.  Also, this cool website shows what the recyclables in Milwaukee are used for in their after-life.  My old milk jugs are now being used as patio furniture!Recycling in Milwaukee

In light of this new information, I will start recycling aerosol cans, used cooking oil and shoes/ sandals.  Also, I created a guide for my kitchen to be used as a reminder about what can be recycled.

Note on last week’s change: At my first opportunity to go straw free, I forgot.  Failure.  Therefore I had a delicious milk shake complete with a straw made from petroleum products.  This will be a reminder for me in the future when I’m ordering drinks.


3 thoughts on “Week 23 – Recycle as much as possible

  1. Wow, love your blog! I must say I do a lot of the stuff you write about and a bit still feel like it’s not enough. I feel happier when I see other people doing the same or the people around me starting to copy my behaviour like recycling and growing their own herbs without all that chemical stuff.

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