So you want to know which brand of toilet paper is the best?

Think of how we use toilet paper.  Is it really necessary for it to be made of virgin paper?  Recycled toilet paper is better for the environment and works just as well as the normal stuff.  Also, to clear up a common  misconception- toilet paper made with recycled content does not mean that they recycle old toilet paper.  It means that they use recycled paper fibers- paper that has been boiled and cleaned and re-processed.  There is no point in recycling paper if no one will use recycled paper.  Buying products made with recycled paper is a good way to close the loop.

The average American uses 49 rolls of toilet paper per year.  If every US household replaced 4 rolls of virgin fiber toilet paper with 100% recycled stuff, we could save 1.6 million cubic feet of landfill space.  I have been buying recycled toilet paper for a while and I’ve done a comparison of 4 brands.  Here are the results:

ImageMarcal Small Steps Brand (available at Pick N Save) 2-Ply Bath Tissue:  100% recycled content.  No Chlorine used for whitening.  This stuff is good and feels normal.  The only bad thing is that it doesn’t rip along the perforations which annoys me.

365 Brand (Whole Foods brand) 100% Recycled Paper ImageBath Tissue: 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer recycled paper.  Whitened without Chlorine bleach.  Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free.  I did not like the way this stuff felt.

ImageSeventh Generation Natural Unbleached- 100% Unbleached Recycled Bath Tissue: Made with 100% recycled paper fiber, minimum 80% post consumer fiber.  The toilet paper feels fine.  It is slightly off white which is a bit weird, but you can get used to it.  Since it is unbleached, it is better for the environment.  I do not think Greg even noticed that it was off-white.

ImageWhole Foods Market Green Mission It’s a Bath Revolution:  100% recycled,  80% post consumer material.  Whitened without Chlorine bleach.  This stuff feels fine.  The only bad thing was that the rolls were small (218 sheets per roll).

In conclusion, I have decided to buy the Seventh Generation Natural Unbleached toilet paper on a continuing basis.  It’s the best for the environment.  Has anyone else tried toilet paper made with recycled fibers?


8 thoughts on “So you want to know which brand of toilet paper is the best?

  1. Thanks for the info. All of your ideas are good, and this will be an easy one to do. I will try some recycled toilet paper too.

      • I’m not sure about toilet paper made from bamboo fibers, I have not seen that as an option in any stores. It would make sense that using a quickly growing source is better than using a slow growing source. Have you seen bamboo toilet paper available? If so, let me know what brand it is 🙂

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