Week 22 – Stop using straws

ImageIn the US, 500 million straws go to landfills every day according to the Be Straw Free Campaign.  That’s enough straws to fill 127 school buses daily!  For an item that is only used for a few minutes as we sip our favorite drinks, this is an incredible amount of waste.  Starting today, I will ask for drinks without straws at restaurants and bars.  Also, I will e-mail my 10 favorite restaurants and ask them to adopt an offer first policy.

I also found out that Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, and a handful of other national parks run by Xanterra have gone straw free.  Can’t wait to check this out for myself when I go to the Wild Wild West later this summer.


4 thoughts on “Week 22 – Stop using straws

    • I think that’s a great idea! It still reduces all the waste from disposable straws, but you get to enjoy your milkshake without getting a big milk mustache. Good thinking, Allison.

    • Cool! That’s the same website where I got my research from on this topic. I e-mailed Milo to let them know about my blog and that they inspired me. This is my most difficult change though. It’s crazy how ingrained the straw is.

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