Happy Endangered Species Day

Canada lynxHappy Endangered Species Day!  Today is the 40th anniversary of the Federal Endangered Species Act.  This act helps protect animal and plant species that are in danger of going extinct.  The Act has protected about 1,400 species so far which is just a small percentage of those at risk.

Some endangered/ threatened species in Wisconsin include the Kirtland’s warbler, Karner Eastern prairie fringed orchidblue butterfly, Eastern prairie fringed orchid, and Canada lynx.  Every animal/ plant plays an important role in their ecosystem, so each species is important.

What can we do to help endangered species?  Camp only in Kirtlands Warblerdesignated campgrounds, control bonfires, limit the use of pesticides around delicate habitats, avoid tusing invasive plant species in your landscape projects, spread the word about the need to protect these species.  Happy Endangered Species Day!


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