Week 20 – Buy more organic food

Organic foods are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, irradiation,USDA Organic Logo or genetic engineering.  This means that fewer chemicals are being produced, fewer chemicals are running off into the water supply, fewer workers are suffering from health problems due to working with chemicals, and I will be eating fewer chemicals.  These are all good things!

All companies want to earn money.  So pretty much the only thing that companies listen to is money (and I don’t blame them for this).  By purchasing more organic foods I am “flexing my consumer elbow” to tell the companies that I (as a consumer) want more organic foods.  In the big picture, this encourages more companies to produce organic food.

Lately Greg and I have been shopping at  Whole Foods.  This makes it easy to buy more organic foods.  This week we bought organic heavy whipping cream and organic bananas.  For this week’s change, I’ll start buying something organic (in addition to milk which I always buy organic) every time I go to the grocery store.


2 thoughts on “Week 20 – Buy more organic food

  1. I do buy Organic Valley foods sometimes when they are available. I used the link to find that there are Organic Valley farmers in West Bend, Hartford, Elkhorn, and Oconomowoc. Cool! I didn’t know they were so close! This will encourage me to buy Organic Valley foods/ milk more often. Thanks for sharing that link 🙂

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