Week 19 – Learn about environmental issues

One important component of going green is to understand the issues and what we can do to combat them.  In order to achieve a broader knowledge of environmental issues, I will learn about 3 topics per month (in addition to any topics that I research for my weekly changes).

My first topic was inspired by a motivating YouTube documentary called “Do the Math”.  “DoPWC Logo the Math” focuses on the need to limit global warming to 2 degrees C.  This is the amount that all of the major countries agreed would be the limit before climate catastrophe strikes.  The documentary mentioned that PWC (Greg’s company) did a report on the world’s progress to remain under the 2 degree limit.  Imagine that!  A very conservative company admitting that it may be “Too late for 2 degrees”.  While reading the PWC report, I learned some disturbing facts about global warming.  “To give ourselves a more than 50% chance of avoiding 2 degrees will require a six-fold improvement in our rate of decarbonisation”.  We definitely have our work cut out for us!  Statistics like this encourage me to keep doing everything that I can in order to reduce my carbon footprint.


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