Week 18 – Unplug router and TV when not in use

Greg and I leave our router on 24/7.  But, we work all day and sleep all night so there’s only a few hours when we are actually using the internet in our home.  Our router (and that other mystery box that accompanies it) use 0.75A combined continuously.  This means that every day I unplug the router (and mystery box), I will save 3.2 pounds of CO2.Vampire Power

It is more difficult to calculate how much I’ll save by turning off The TV (and a few other  things plugged into the same power strip) because I don’t leave those things “on” when I’m out of the house.  But, even though they’re “off” they still use vampire power.  This means that they still draw a small amount of power even when I’ve turned them “off”.  This website has a good article about vampire power.  Also, it’s estimated that 5% of energy consumed in the US is vampire power.  Well I won’t be unplugging everything, these changes will still help me reduce my environmental footprint.


7 thoughts on “Week 18 – Unplug router and TV when not in use

    • From my mild amount of internet research, I don’t think that a lamp uses vampire power. The websites referenced things with a clock, electronics, chargers, and microwaves. But, I definitely wouldn’t quote myself on this because I am not an expert.

    • Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and make this suggestion. I LOVE the fact that it has a remote because then we can turn the internet on as soon as we walk in or right before we go to bed. And now that you have already tested it out, I know which brand to get. Thanks 🙂

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