Sewer Overflows in Spring 2013

As a followup to the post about flooding earlier this month,  this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some disturbing facts about the effects of April Showers on waste water.  In southeastern Wisconsin, 53 million gallons in sanitary sewer overflows were discharged as an untreated mix into local waterways between April 17-18.  Olympic swimmersThis is in addition to the 525 million gallons of combined sanitary and storm sewer overflows on April 18-19 reported by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.  Just imagine how much water (sewage) that actually is!  Here’s a bit of perspective:  1 million gallons of water is equal to 20,000 bathtubs, and the 53 million gallons of sewer overflows would fill 80 Olympic swimming pools.  Micheal Phelps would not be happy to swim in those pools.  Some of the “untreated mix” went directly into Lake Michigan.  Some went into ditches or rivers, including a portion of the Root River that is alarmingly close to the area where I grew up!  The cavalry can not come soon enough.


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