Week 16 – Stop junk mail

I hate junk mail.  What a waste of paper!  In the past I’ve cancelled some junk mail, but now Ijunk mail will start to cancel every piece of junk mail that I get.  In preparation for this green change,  I’ve been putting our junk mail into a folder for the last few weeks, and today I called each business to have our address removed from their mailing list.  I made sure to call during normal business hours so that there would be a person at the end of the seemingly endless automated phone chains.  For the rest of my Green Challenge (and hopefully forever) I will continue to call and cancel all of the junk mail that I’ll inevitably receive.  Did you know, more than 100 million trees are destroyed to produce junk mail each year?

Also- a quick update on the toothpaste situation- I was able to squeeze a total of 11 extra uses out of my tube of toothpaste.  I couldn’t believe how much toothpaste was left in there!


2 thoughts on “Week 16 – Stop junk mail

  1. Junk mail is annoying. What success do you have getting off the mailing list? Don’t you find that after a few months, you are getting the same mail?
    I have failed at my earth thing this month…..turning off stuff when I leave the house sounds easy, but I frequently forget. So I have been trying to remember to turn off the tv in the fr during the day.

  2. In the past I’ve had pretty good success at getting off the mailing list (except for Habitat for Humanity- they are persistent!). I’ll have to see how this round of mail-purging goes. I’m sure you’re still doing great with your Green Challenge- don’t give up!

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