Thoughts on flooding

For a city like Milwaukee that doesn’t have separate storm water and sewage collection systems, all it takes is a few rainy days and then millions of gallons of sewage are being pumped directly into the lake.  This seems like something you would read about in some distant time or some third world country, but actually this is happening right now, right here.Image

During times with a lot of rain, regular people could prevent some of this overflow by using less water around the house:  leave the laundry sit for an extra day or two, take a quicker shower, if its yellow let it mellow.  In the metro Milwaukee area there are about 1.5 million people, so saving even 1 gallon per person would have a big impact.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on flooding

    When one inch of rain falls on the Menomonee Valley, it’s equivalent to all the storage capacity of the Deep Tunnel, so it’s no wonder that partially treated sewage is being pumped into Lake Michigan. MMSD has just been mandated to install green infastructure to either slow or absorb water before it hits either Jones Island or South Shore during heavy rain fall, so that the plants can actually fully process the sewage before being discharged. Green Infastructure means green roofs, rain gardens, rain barrels, landscape swales and other cool stuff.

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