Week 14 – Reuse cereal bags as wax paper

The idea of reusing cereal bags as wax paper came from my Mom.  By doing this, I will stop using paper towels to cover microwave food.  Also, I won’t need to buy new wax paper.  Here’s the strategy:cereal bag

1) Eat an entire box of cereal
2) Take out the bag and dump out the leftover crumbs and dust
3) Recycle the box
4) Cut off the bottom of the bag and split the bag open by cutting it up the middle
5) Rinse it off and let it dry
6) Cut it into 3 or 4 sheets
7) Use the sheets to cover food in the microwave or for anything else that you use wax paper
8) Throw the sheets away after 1 use

Speaking of my Mom, her latest Green Challenge change is to unplug everything when it’s not being used.


4 thoughts on “Week 14 – Reuse cereal bags as wax paper

  1. I also cut the cereal bag into small pieces and put it on top of food that I am freezing…..like chili,stew, or spaghetti sauce. This keeps frost off the food and you can use a marker to label/date it. When I freeze home made pancakes/waffles, I cut the bag into strips and layer it between pancakes so they don’t stick together. You will find lots of uses for these sturdy bags.

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